Shannon Sadowski

Professional Passions

Corporate and entertainment law are my legal practice’s strong suits, particularly copyright and trademark licensing in the music, film and video game industries. I also provide brand licensing services in media realms, and contractual agreements for the web and ecommerce industries. I geared both my education and career paths towards entrepreneurs in these industries, particularly those with a leisure or entertainment component. Long before New Leaf, I ran the business department of a record label and served with the Boston Chapter of the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.

Today, I relish digging into any sort of private contractual agreement, but particularly those involving, music licensing, copyright or trademark. The most rewarding part of my job is creatively facilitating business relationships that help both artists and entertainment businesses succeed. My creative clients keep me on my toes and always help me remember why I work in such exciting and imaginative industries.

Personal Life

Off duty, I love to go camping with my husband, Adam, and our shiba inu, Raiden. I am also devoted gamer: XBox 360 at home and Nintendo DS on the road! I also enjoy being an all-out music nerd – meaning I stalk the Internet for new music and attend as many local gigs as I can. I might know how to play Magic: The Gathering as well. Oddly enough, I’m also a knitter. Go figure.